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Phoenix Group


As a part of the Phoenix Group, we often hear compliments that we are the UK’s most significant long-term savings and retirement business. Consisting of the UK and European population of fourteen million people, we have put our trust in many applications. This is to enable them to reach the world of retirement they desire. Our Strong portfolio of brands for clients such as Standard Life, Sun Life, Phoenix Life, and Reassure enables us to offer clients various options. As the cash and assets our institution manages add up to 270 billion pounds, we ensure the safety of the customer’s capital and optimize its long-term return. Click here

A Rich History

Our adventure in UK occupational pensions started in 1782. Since then, we have become a reputable FTSE 100 organization whose main objective is to build on sustainable growth. Our goal is to assist our customers at different stages in life, depending on their individual needs, whether they are saving for their retirement, planning their transition from work to retirement, or actively managing their retirement fund.

Guidance at Every Stage

The distinction is that we know the essence of handing Worry-free customer guidance at the Phoenix Group. A team of professionals is excited about giving advice and facilitating a person’s money-use decisions at all points during the retirement preparation stage. You are welcome. However, you are in the process of saving, whether now or later in life; we are committed to being there for you.

Tackling the Pension Savings Gap

One of our main aims is to address the pension deficit. We acknowledge that many people lack retirement savings, and our objective is to help fill this gap through personalized options. Our products have been developed to provide our customers with financial well-being and security, allowing them to have a peaceful retirement. Click now

Phoenix Group

Investing in a Sustainable Future

Protecting the interest of the investment and, at the same time, safeguarding the environment is part of our identity as client stakeholders. Our company is poised to invest in the sustainable development project of the future, which will provide for a zero net emissions goal by 2050. Continually practicing eco-friendly initiatives in development will, in the long run, build a promising and sustainable environment for coming generations.


The team of professionals in the Phoenix Group is about making every retirement dream come true. Equipped with our long-term success, financial track record, and customer direction, we guarantee to take care of individuals at every turn of retirement planning. We aim at closing the pension savings gap and developing customer financial health so that they can meet their retirement goals with ease and contentment. So, the more the journey to a sustainable future becomes, we would like to see you along the way and explore the opportunities together.


What does the Phoenix Group do?

  • The Phoenix Group (UK): This Phoenix Group is the UK’s leading long-term savings and retirement business. It helps people plan and achieve a secure financial future through pensions, savings, and life insurance products.
  • The PHOENIX group (Germany): This Phoenix Group is a European leader in wholesale pharmaceuticals, supplying pharmacies, doctors, and medical institutions with medicines and healthcare products.

Who is the owner of Phoenix Group?

  • Phoenix Group (UK): It is nobody’s personal property. It is a public company with most of the significant shareholders consisting of investment firms and insurance groups, but no one entity owns a majority stake. You can find more information on their investor page:
  • PHOENIX group (Germany): This group is owned by Adolf Merckle, the firm’s founder in 1994. The company has a long history can be traced back over a century.

Is Phoenix Group a good company?

  • Phoenix Group (UK): The company’s performance is positively assessed through financial news and ratings from independent institutions. You can find reviews online from analysts or customers, but in-depth research is encouraged before making investment decisions.
  • PHOENIX group (Germany): Job boards and industry publications can be used to check reputation as an employer or business partner. Customer satisfaction reviews might be present for their pharmaceutical products, too.

What country is Phoenix Group?

  • The Phoenix Group (UK): This leading long-term savings and retirement business hails from the United Kingdom.
  • The PHOENIX group (Germany): This European pharmaceutical wholesale giant is headquartered in Germany.

Why join Phoenix Group?

  • The Phoenix Group (UK): If you are interested in a professional environment and a lucrative career in the financial services field, the Phoenix Group is the perfect fit. They provide their workers with highly spirited career development programs and a healthy benefits package with flexible working options. You contribute to their service of helping people achieve healthy financial lives.
  • The PHOENIX group (Germany): The healthcare professionals passionate about their industry. PHOENIX group is the leading European pharmacy wholesaler that offers an opportunity to be. They could give the employees fair wages and benefits while praising the efforts of competent employees in a dynamic work area that is probably full of challenges.

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